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Season 11 Spoilers by Episode

2017.10.02 20:52 chickadee1 Season 11 Spoilers by Episode

NY Comic-Con Official Trailer
Extended Trailer!
Season 11 will be 2 mythology episodes and 8 standalone episodes.
Episode 1 - My Struggle III
Episode 1 Promo Photos
Written & Directed by Chris Carter
Casting Notes:
"We start the season right up from where the season finale left off with that big helicopter and takes you right from there,” he says. “You’ll be launched into a very urgent adventure that has a lot to do with William — Mulder and Scully’s kid. so the search for William will be a significant thread through the show. You will see the Cigarette Smoking Man [William B. Davis]. You may see The Lone Gunmen somewhere along the line. There will be other characters from the previous mythology that will be reprised.”
Carter says fans rooting for the formerly estranged duo to fully patch things up “have something to look forward to.” But the partners are in for an intense journey; the pain of Scully’s decision to give up William (the son she shares with Mulder) for adoption 15 years ago still hangs over both agents. “William has been an absent center,” Carter says. “He will come to the fore.”
Reactions from thetvmouse on Tumblr:
"MS3 is definitely a My Struggle episode (packed with all the bad voiceovers you’ve come to expect) but for most of the hour it’s a slight step up from the first two, if only because it’s got some momentum and Mulder and Scully are in a good place. But someone makes a highly upsetting suggestion that puts an episode from the original series in a new light (not a beloved episode). It will clearly affect this season’s story but hasn’t yet. That’s all I’m saying."
Reactions from X-Files News:
"The logline: "Picking up after the last event series’ cliffhanger, Mulder and Scully learn that they aren’t the only ones desperately searching for their long-lost son, William. The very fate of the world may depend on it."
Our take: Reviewing this one is… difficult, without giving anything away that explains this difficulty. While it does continue – in a way – with the cliffhanger from Season 10, and it sticks to the same style that Carter adopted for the “My Struggle” chapters, this one has some dramatic moments that felt a bit better in building the suspense. But not quite enough. There’s a clear attempt to be more organic in this one, that is - compared to the previous two in Season 10 - but what makes them similar, is that there's a difficulty to develop and stay focused on the world we already knew. And while we’re looking forward to the completed version, because there are some moments that will be “X-Phile Favorites” for a lot of reasons… this episode is not the best of the preview. With a few familiar faces coming back, a few intriguing and shocking storylines ensue. There will be moments that will be fodder of arduous online discussion that will carry us through the season, for fans old and new. One thing is clear: there’s no way to watch this episode and walk away from it with a lukewarm reaction to it."
Episode 2 - This
Promo Pics for Episode 2
Written & Directed by Glen Morgan
Casting Notes:
"...the second hour opens with a time jump to put distance between Mulder and Scully and the events of the premiere."
"I looked at it as X-Files meets North-by-Northwest. It's not Monster-of-the-Week, it's more like Mulder and Scully on the run type thing." - Glen Morgan
Reactions from thetvmouse on Tumblr:
"Glen Morgan can write my life. His Mulder and Scully have exactly the dynamic I believe they have, flirty in a comfortable, lived-in kind of way, and also they’re badasses. The time jump between MS3 and This could be anything from a few weeks to, like, over a year, depending on whether you believe they’re actually paying attention to the fact that MS3 was set in 2016 and This seems to exist in a present-day political climate. Personally I do not come to The X- “Our Pilot Is Set in 1992 for No Reason”-Files for a timeline that makes sense. God bless the inventor of handcuffs."
Reactions from X-Files News:
"The Logline: "An old friend reaches out to Mulder and Scully in a seemingly impossible way, revealing a chilling secret."
Our take: We’re having a hard time deciding if this is our favorite. This MOTW was a LOT of fun. Full of action and smart banter, Glen Morgan does what he does best: deliver an episode that addresses a lot of endearing moments, great music choices, and great writing. We can’t wait to elaborate more on this one. The twists and turns were smart, and old fans will smile at some very unexpected blasts from the past."
Episode 3 - Plus One
Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Kevin Hooks
Casting Notes:
"...episode three is a darkly comedic hour, focusing on doubles and doppelgangers."
Reactions from thetvmouse on Tumblr:
"Entirely fine. No one needs to worry about the doppelganger thing. Not all of Chris’ interpretations of MSR jive completely with the other writers’: I did a few double takes in one scene, mostly for very small reasons (like, spelling out things that are good but that I just didn’t think needed to be spelled out) but for a couple of slightly bigger reasons too. But that scene is also easily my favorite of the episode; it is a Mood. There are some really sweet lines in this one, all the “intimations” David promised, and a pitch-perfect ending."
Reactions from X-Files News:
"The Logline: "A spate of deaths, in which the victims were plagued by their own doppelgangers, lead Mulder and Scully to a pair of twins playing a dangerous game. Guest-starring Karin Konoval (Season Four’s “Home”)."
Our take: Another MOTW, with a great teaser, great banter, and what we promise was a moment that had us catching our breath. Even with missing finishing touches, this episode was very enjoyable, very much in the vein of classic X-Files."
Episode 4 - The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat
Written & Directed by Darin Morgan
Brian Huskey will guest star as Reggie.
Reactions from thetvmouse on Tumblr:
"I didn’t stop smiling for a second. Classic Darin Morgan: meta and sincere at once. Really absurdly funny. An examination of truth and interpretation. Like Jose Chung’s From Outer Space if Jose Chung’s From Outer Space were actually as good as everyone says it is."
Reactions from X-Files News:
"The logline: "Exploring the idea of The Mandela Effect, in which large groups of people remember an alternate history, Mulder and Scully find out how the X-Files themselves may really have originated. Guest-starring Brian Huskey as “Reggie Something.”"
Our Take: Now… this one is sort of… out there. This will be the one you either LOVE or HATE, or at least that was our impression. There are quite a few moments that are filled with irreverent comedy, like only Darrin Morgan can deliver, and others that you sort of gasp and say: “wow… they really went there.” Gillian and David are quite hilarious and the episode is a chock full of clever references, ranging from classic TV & Film, to the current news cycle."
Episode 5 - Ghouli
Written & Directed by James Wong
Casting Notes:
"Mulder and Scully’s son William is set to make an appearance in the next season, but beyond that, not much has been revealed about the character. Speaking to IGN at NYCC, Anderson said William will have an "elusive" relationship with his parents, showing up by the fifth episode."
Reactions from thetvmouse on Tumblr:
"James Wong knocks it out of the park and gives Gillian the best dramatic material she’s been handed from this show in a very long time. I wanted to personally hand-wrap one scene and deliver it to the Emmys. She’s incredible. This episode is weighty and has a lot of heart, and it’s handled really deftly, I think, and in a way that feels organic to the show. I love it. "
Reactions from X-Files News:
"The logline: "When a pair of teenage girls attack one another, each believing the other to be a monster, Mulder and Scully find that their investigation could possibly lead back to their long-lost son, William."
Our take: Of the first five, this was the other contender for the strongest one. Just like “This”, “Ghouli” seems pretty tight and complete, even at this stage. But while Glen Morgan’s episode is fun, this one will grab your heart and just squeeze it in a way that you are not prepared for. Gillian Anderson deserves all the awards."
Episode 6
Written by Gabe Rotter
Directed by Carol Banker
Casting Notes:
"The X-Files Season 11 is giving Skinner an origin episode of his own. The sixth episode of the 10-episode season will be all about Skinner and the man he is when not attempting to keep Mulder and Scully under control. The trailer points toward some strife as the intrepid agents lose their trust in him, but Pileggi promises that Skinner ultimately "is their champion.""
Episode 7
Written by Kristen Cloke & Shannon Hambling
Episode 8
Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by James Wong
Casting Notes:
This episode will have a "similarly messed up tone" [as "Home"].
Episode 9
Written by Karen Nielson
Directed by James Wong
Episode 10
Written & Directed by Chris Carter
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2015.06.02 17:37 -Just-Stop- [LIST] Family Spy or Superhero Teens/Kids Film list.

Need a family friendly movie but don't want to watch Frozen, again!? Need Superheroes or Spies? Try a movie from this list that can be enjoyed by kids too!
At a school in the sky where teens learn how to be superheroes, Will Stronghold lands in a class for students who show special promise. Classmate Gwen quickly cozies up to Will, but it's soon clear that she has other motives. When he learns that Gwen's mother is a villain who was defeated by his father, Steve Stronghold, Will realizes that Gwen is aiming for revenge, and he rushes to a school dance in the hope of stopping her.
Featuring Michael Angarano, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kurt Russell, and Kelly Preston.
Capt. Zoom, or Jack as he is now known, has long since given up his career of fighting evil and protecting the defenseless. The former superhero gets back into the game when he takes a job at a private academy, where he must whip into shape a ragtag group of heroes-in-training.
Featuring Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase, Spencer Breslin, Kevin Zegers, Kate Mara, Michael Cassidy, and Ryan Newman.
High-school student Cody Banks wants nothing more than what every other teen wants: to survive the banality of adolescence and become an adult. But Banks is no ordinary teen; he's a CIA agent. And, when he's not doing his homework, Banks is on the case, spying on fellow student Natalie Connors in order to get close to her father, a scientist who has invented killer nanobots designed to bring down the country.
Featuring Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff, Martin Donovan, and Angie Harmon.
Teenage spy Cody Banks returns for another mission, and this time around he has a new partner, the humorous and amiable Derek Bowman. Cody and Derek must travel to England to foil the plot of Victor Diaz, a villainous operative who aims to wreak havoc with experimental mind-control technology. Joining Cody and Derek is pretty British schoolgirl Emily Sommers, who turns out to be a fellow undercover spy.
Featuring Frankie Muniz, Anthony Anderson, Keith Allen, and Hannah Spearritt.
Two young kids become spies in attempt to save their parents, who are ex-spies, from an evil mastermind. Armed with a bag of high tech gadgets and out-of-this world transportation, Carmen and Juni will bravely jet through the air, dive under the seas and crisscross the globe in a series of thrilling adventures on a mission to save their parents ... and maybe even the world.
Featuring Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas, and Alan Cumming.
*Now full fledged Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni Cortez are back for another James Bond style adventure. Their newest mission takes them to a distant island where they take on a mysterious man and his imaginative creatures. But this time, they also have to fight the forces of rival sibling Spy Kids, Gary and Gerti Giggles, as they head right into a trap that will test each and every spy in the Cortez family.
Featuring Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas, Steve Buscemi, Matt O'Leary, and Emily Osment.
*Pint-sized kid spy Juni Cortez faces his biggest challenge yet when he confronts the Toymaker, a ruthless villain sentenced to virtual prison by the Organization of Super Spies. The Toymaker has captured Juni's sister, OSS agent Carmen, and is holding her inside a virtual reality environment called "Game Over." Now Juni must use his cunning to advance to the nearly impossible "Level Five" in order to rescue his sister.
Featuring Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stallone.
Alex Rider is a British teenager, whom MI6 recruits into its ranks, for his skills as a linguist, scuba diver, sharpshooter and martial artist are perfect for a career in espionage; his first assignment is to investigate billionaire Darrius Sayle, who may have a nefarious motive for his recent donation of megacomputers to all of England's schools.
Featuring Alex Pettyfer, Mickey Rourke, and Ewan McGregor.
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2013.07.15 21:44 re_kinect Comic Con This Week! Xbox Goodies Galore

I think it will be streaming on Twitch. Even if don't at least we'll get some current news to tied us over until Pax, Hotchips(upgrade news crosses toes), Gamescom & TGS
From Major Nelson (http://majornelson.com/) Xbox Comic-Con 2013 Schedule
Next week, Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be at the 44th annual Comic-Con International in San Diego with the best gaming franchises and new IPs. If you are attending SDCC next week and want to check things out, here is a list of our activities:
Xbox Booth #100 at the San Diego Convention Center Hours: Thursday, July 18 – Saturday, July 20: 9:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday, July 21: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.Stop by our booth to be among the first to get your hands with Xbox One games like “Ryse: Son of Rome” and “Killer Instinct” and more.
Xbox Lounge at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego Manchester Ballroom, 1 Market Pl., San Diego, CA 92101 Hours: Thursday, July 18 – Saturday, July 20: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday, July 21: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
In addition to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games being shown at the Xbox Booth at the Convention Center, the Xbox Gaming Lounge located just down the street in the Grand Hyatt will also feature more than a dozen titles, including “Dead Rising 3,” “Halo: Spartan Assault,” and for the first time ever, hands-on demos of “Halo 4 Champions Bundle,” plus hands on with games from 2K Games, Capcom, Disney Interactive, Konami, Ubisoft and Warner Brothers Interactive. Don’t miss out on the rare opportunity to check out these great games all in one place.
(A San Diego Comic-Con Expo pass is required for entrance to the above)
Xbox Panels:
Inside the Looking Glass: Building “Halo” Worlds and Wonders, Past, Present and Future Room 6BCF, San Diego Convention Center Thursday, July 18, 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Spartans Unite! Join Frank O’Connor (Franchise Development Director), Dan Ayoub (Executive Producer), and other 343 Industries guests as they celebrate and discuss the exciting new addition to the “Halo” universe (“Halo: Spartan Assault”), the new comic-book series from Dark Horse Comics (“Halo: Initiation”), along with some “Mega” surprises.
Bringing the Roman Empire to Life on Xbox One: The Creation of “Ryse: Son of Rome” Room 7AB, San Diego Convention Center Thursday, July 18, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Spend 60 minutes with award-winning studio Crytek to learn about the making of “Ryse: Son of Rome,” one of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters coming exclusively to Xbox One this November. An epic action-adventure story of struggle, brutality and heroism, “Ryse: Son of Rome” follows a fearless Roman soldier named Marius Titus who joins the army to avenge the slaying of his family and emerges as a hero who must fight to save the Roman Empire. Fans will learn key story details, hear about the technology making “Ryse” possible, and receive a limited edition printed comic book that will prepare them for the intense adventure they will embark on this holiday.
The Future of Xbox Gaming Revealed Room 6A, San Diego Convention Center Saturday, July 20, 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
For this Panel, yours truly will be moderating as developers from some of the most innovative and celebrated studios on the planet discuss building the biggest blockbuster games for Xbox One. Microsoft Studios’ Justin Robey, Turn 10 Studios’ Dan Greenawalt, Capcom Vancouver’s Josh Bridge, Microsoft Studio’s Ken Lobb and Rare’s Nick Burton will reveal how they are engineering their games to take advantage of the unique attributes of the new platform. Learn how the cloud, the new Kinect sensor, and the powerful and flexible architecture will enable an entire new generation of AAA game titles.
The Video Game Culture of Zombies: How “Dead Rising 3” on Xbox One Kicks Off a New Generation of Mayhem Room 5AB, San Diego Convention Center Saturday, July 20, 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
From TV and books to video games – especially video games! Come join games and pop culture experts to discuss how zombies have invaded our lives through every avenue of entertainment. Fans will get behind-the-scene insights on the making of “Dead Rising 3” from the Capcom Vancouver team and see gameplay from the upcoming Xbox One exclusive launch title, hear from internationally renowned author and zombie expert Max Brooks and learn Game Informer Senior Editor Jeff Cork thoughts on zombies in video game culture. The panel will be moderated by Jessica Chobot from G4’s Attack of the Show and X-Play, and IGN.
(All panels require a San Diego Comic-Con Expo pass to attend.)
Xbox Partner Activities
Xbox Booth Appearances from Crackle’s Two Upcoming Originals –“Cleaners” and “Extraction,” including Emily Osment (“Hannah Montana”) and Jon Foo (TEKKEN), among others Xbox Booth #100 at the San Diego Convention Center Saturday, July 20, 10 – 11 a.m.
Autograph signing with the Cast of Hulu Original Series “The Awesomes,” including “Saturday Night Live’s” Seth Meyers Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, 1 Market Place, San Diego, CA 92101 Manchester Ballroom Saturday, July 20, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
Hulu Panel sponsored by Xbox: “The Awesomes” Screening Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 1 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101 Indigo Ballroom Saturday, July 20, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Join our friends at Hulu for a VIP screening of the first episode of the highly-anticipated original series “The Awesomes.” If you can’t make it Saturday, Xbox Live has you covered with an exclusive preview of the show starting on Thursday, July 25, a week before it is available anywhere else.
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