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Online Dating Etiquette: Not Interested and Bringing the Message. What is the main selling point of a dating site? There are countless answers for this question, but the huge pool of attractive singles to choose from is surely among the top. When you become a member of a dating site, you can contact hundreds of singles, even if they are from ... General Dating Etiquette for Women. Although the financial aspect of dating has changed drastically in recent decades, it is just one aspect of dating etiquette. Here is some more general etiquette advice for women going out on dates: Give Him a Chance. You may have had a long week at work, and you may be tired of the dating scene, but if you ... Dating Etiquette - Before the date. Do not expect your prospect to be available for a date at short notice. Ask a few days in advance of the proposed date Set a meeting time and if possible an ending time. If the person cannot or will not be available for a date at the second request – they are not interested. Proper Dating Etiquette Will Make Your First Impression A Lasting Impression. Using dating etiquette will ensure that you make a great impression on your dates. Even if it is someone that you really do not click with, you will still want to make a good impression. If nothing else, at least they will have a good memory of how you treated them. Online Dating Texting Etiquette (#5-8) It’s even more tempting to take shortcuts and loosen up on your manners when you’re texting than when you’re emailing, but resist the urge as much as possible. Texting is a sign that you’ve taken communication with your match to the next level, and you don’t want to blow it. ... Dating etiquette for men can be a tricky topic. By trying to follow the right etiquette in hopes of coming across as a “gentleman” or “good guy”, guys can actually make the opposite impression. Instead of coming across sweet and chivalrous, guys instead come across as weak and needy. Apparently, I was just as careless! With no agreed-upon etiquette, all of us did what we could get away with, or we emulated others. If my loved ones currently in the digital dating world are any measure, things have gotten no better since I took myself off these sites. Etiquette Rule 1: Be Yourself And Get Rejected. Being yourself is the single most important piece of advice that anyone can give you when it comes to the online dating etiquette in the U.S. Trying to adjust your needs and preferences to be well liked will not get you the type of person you truly desire and your mission will be fruitless. Whether you are just entering the dating scene or are a seasoned veteran, it's a good idea to always follow proper etiquette with your dates. After all, you'll make a better first impression if you are concerned about making the other person comfortable, which is what dating etiquette is all about.. The Rules. Just as there are rules in virtually any game that is played, the dating game ... It’s just a good dating rule that’s never gone out of fashion. 14. Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Profile Picture While Talking To Someone . Some people think it’s not good online dating etiquette to change your profile picture while you’ve been talking to someone for a few days.

Dating service where you can match by libido?

2019.12.22 23:38 throwRA-16042016 Dating service where you can match by libido?

Hi! Newly single, going to be a little while before I start a new relationship. My last relationship fell apart to other reasons besides sex (There was some mental unwellness and infidelity involved). I really was happy with her - but, looking back, we weren't well-matched sexually.
I (28m) have a very high libido. I communicated this to her before we got married; at the time, she just said whatever she could to not lose me. We ended up having some frustrations as a result.
Obviously there are far more important aspects of a relationship than sex - but I told myself that, if I do have to find someone new, I want to be more pursuant to finding somebody sexually compatible.
Now, the difficult part is that I feel strongly about saving sex for marriage. There are a lot of reasons for this - not the least of which is my faith. And sex isn't something people of my faith are usually open to talking about super early on in a relationship.
So I wondered - is there a dating service out there where users can discreetly inout their libido level and find matches based on that?
If not, what is an appropriate way to communicate about it early on in a relationship? What's accepted ediquette for asking how many times a woman orgasms in a day/week?
So far my searches have only pulled up explicit hookup sites. I don't want a hookup - I want commitment. All I want is a woman who's as horny as she is holy!
What are your experiences finding somebody with a similarly high/low libido? Are there any women out there with a high libido who still feel strongly about saving sex for marriage?
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2018.01.05 14:52 Endesi1 Teammates, Enemy Teams, and You. Some basic tips for squads!

Hey guys, 3.5 KD with +60% top 10 and 20% Win rate here, I'd just like to spread some general tips for new and old players seeing as I find way too many people doing what I perceive to be the wrong thing in Squads. Here are some (jumbled) thoughts about ediquette, item sharing, firefights, and the win.
Honestly its gotten to the point where most squads have an IGL (in game leader) telling them where to land. I do this for my team, but I'm happy to listen to popular suggestions just so I can hit you with that "I told you so, I'm clearly the best and we should always listen to me!" cunt mentality :) I'm joking please don't say mean things
In general, you want to bring your squad to a high risk/reward area that is going to seem off the beaten path, to mitigate the risk to your team and ensure you guys have enough items.
Places I LIKE to go: Yasnaya, South George, Novo, Primorsk, Rozhok, Severny doesn't have too much loot I find, but can make a great landing spot.
Places I avoid because it's likely we will lose a squad member or two:Anywhere close to the plane, Pochinki, Military.
Not enough loot for a 4-man team: Mylta, Gatka, Mylta Power, Prison, Zharki, Kameshki.
Sometimes the plane will fly over the island in a direction that makes no place look appetizing, when this happens I like to land in high chance vehicle spawns, and then go somewhere the plane wouldn't give us access to.
Note: this is my experienced opinion, and loot is random. You could very well land at Gatka and pull a bunch of level three equipment, I'm just saying it's not likely. Also, I take into account the types of buildings in the area. Shittier buildings have less spawns and take more time to check, and you can look up which ones are which. Link below.
Looting (no enemies): if you guys picked a great spot, congrats! My advice would be to land on the same side of town together, and then to move from one side to the other (e.g. Land in north Rose, loot the north side of town and then cross the street together as a team. This is to increase the loot efficiency of your team, because then no buildings get left untouched due to everyone running around willy nilly. This is also to increase the safety of your team, because if you guys are close by its going to be easier to help each other out if shit goes down. Very common sense, but underused.
Looting (with enemies): Well, you've done it now, cap. We've landed in the official FUCKZONE, and now we're gonna have to get our shit together. Here's my tips.
You still all want to land in the same corner of town together. I would say Don't! Grab a gun and run off looking for kills. It might work, but it might get you killed and make you look stupid. Dis a team game.
Once you guys have any guns other than Pistols, then you want to start figuring out the enemy position and keeping tabs on them, because a fight is inevitable.
You want to play the role of defender, catch them running into you while they are the ones being careless and looting. With enemies around, it's okay to sacrifice some valuable looting time in order to set up on some enemies. Surprise is everything, Information is everything, and if they're off split up and looting while you guys are setting up and coordinating, you already have the recipe for victory stirring in a pot on the stove. Let them loot your gear for you.
When you're looking for the enemies in your town, a great place to start is seeing if there's any open doors, and then after that you want to see a trend of open doors, so you can say "hey boys, I'm pretty sure they're looting the west side of town right now, let's cut north and set up with the height advantage!"
Again, when scouting for enemies you want to take your time. Utilize height, windows, sight lines. Fucking squint if you have to! But you don't want to go full Inspector Gadget and just run around looking for people. That's risky!
Realistically, if you guys catch just 1 guy off guard and down him it almost guaranteed spells disaster for the enemy team. Don't be that guy getting downed, be the guy getting the down.
Don't be afraid to take damage from the first circle! The damage is negligible and you guys can easily make it in even if you have to haul ass to find a car. The first circle is not life or death, so stay chill and look for a great place to enter.
Rambling, so on to other things!
We've all been there. You see a guy, your blood gets pumping, this is it! You open your mouth to let the world in on that eye feast you call an enemy sighting, and the only thing that comes out is "I see a guy! He's uh... By the tree! 175!"
The effects of that callout are horrible. The situation turns into your team being turned around and looking to random 175's because English is hard, you get shot in your face and go down, and then your callouts become something like (read this in the voice of Sammy Sprinkler from The Benchwarmers) "GUYTH HE'TH BEHIND THE THTUPID TREE HOW CAN YOU NOT THEE HIM!!?!$ THUFFERIN THUCCOTATH!!!" It's not good. And now there's spit everywhere. Mom's spaghett.
What you should say is "I see (however many) enemies! North East (main direction) 330 (bearing) 200 metres (if you don't know, just guess.) after that, you want to start using your descriptive words!" by the skinny/shady/red/closest/farthest tree!" it's not a Picasso but it will give your friends a bit better of a chance to understand what you are going on about. The most important thing is to stay calm and belt out proper callouts. I myself am guilty of panicking instead of providing usable information, it's something that just comes with experience on the game.
Remember,your 175 is different from everyone else. The words "from my position" really help you make sense. Also, you can see where your teammates are pointed on the mini map, so use that to help understand callouts.
We have ALL been there. You don't get the right info, you overextend, you get shot in the grill by some 13 year old yelling to his friends about how he just outskilled you, and all you were doing was trying to help. Don't be that guy!
When someone is trying to tell you where the enemy is, again you need to stay cool. Don't get annoyed if you don't see him, and don't take his callout as holy scripture. With the information you are given, try to narrow it down to an Area where he Could be. Then, start investigating that area at your own pace. You'll see him when you see him, and getting exasperated about it will not help. It's a callout, not a dinner date. Take it with a grain of salt.
Their Team: you down a guy. Who knows where, or how it happened, but now he's on his hands and knees praying for mercy. STOP. Having a downed player is the most valuable thing you can have. You just sit there and let him bleed out all day if that's what it takes. "but, why!?"
Oh I'll tell ya why. That guy is pissed, he's calling out for help, his callouts are gonna suck, he's going to be agitated. Once you down an enemy, start setting up for his boyfriends to get there. "but he's calling me out to them!!" that's GOOD. it means a squad of non coordinated players(most likely) are gonna be rushing in with no information, reckless as fuck. Let him sing jingle bells for all you care. Hell, crouch down in front of him and show him your jingle bells. That boy is your bitch and bait, and all he can do is complain to his team that is going to feel emotionally obligated to try to save him. Turn that 1 down into 4 kills.
Your Team: this can be very circumstancial, but learning to judge the scenario is all part of learning the game. If your teammate goes down, you need to ask the hard questions to your boy.
"Are you bait?" "Are you safe to revive?" "where is he?"
If you don't believe you can save him, you need to emotionally distance yourself from the death of your friend, and start working on either your escape, or your counter offensive. Losing a teammate stings, but dying stings more. but if you guys are losing a fight, it's better to retreat and survive. It's better to have one guy alive than zero guys alive.
Remember, all of you know the risk, you went down, you can't expect other people to get killed trying to save you. Dis a Team Game, so if you die, but they still make that top 10, your rating will still go up, so don't fret.
Don't blame people for not saving you if you go down. It's their choice, and their judge of the situation. You lost your say the moment you died, and to try to manipulate your team into a bad situation just because you want to survive is selfish and irresponsible. Also, smoke grenades are pretty clutch. Throw them.
You know what's a good feeling? Giving.
A better feeling? Receiving!
Best feeling? BOTH.
It's pretty self explanatory, but you want to try to turn every day into Christmas morning on pubg. There's no point in having 5 first aids when everyone else in the squad has 1. Don't be a fiend, all you need is enough to win the next fight. You are part of a team, and you want as many guns able to shoot on your team as possible. Pick up 2 AR's, donate one. You only really need 1 Weapon the whole game, so don't be afraid to equip your friends. You'll feel good and they'll love you for it. My new buddy Apollo gave me his Lv. 2 helmet the other day, I was so touched that I needed a Lv 3 Handkerchief about it!
Basically don't be super greedy. We're playing battlegrounds, not Loot Crate Curator. Items you aren't using should be given or tossed.
Car Meta:stfu lol its squads. Shoot at them. Your squad should be interested in 2 4-seater vehicles though, so you can move in teams of 2 and basically have a mobile deployable crossfire whenever you want. 2 cars saves lives and really helps you to get sexy positioning around a compound or even in the final circles.
Speaking of final circles, let's talk about that.
FINAL CIRCLES (Top 10 Situations):
We've all been here. Everyone is looted, shit is going down left right and centre. You're wearing a Lv 3 diaper just to keep in the dookie, and then it happens, the circle says "hey, I need you guys to run out into the open and get killed for me. Please?"
Using Vehicles in the final circles can be a good thing or a bad thing.
Pros: if you get put in a circle with shit cover, you can drive it in and blow it up to use as cover. Game changer!
You can rapidly change positions with it. It runs people over if you feel... Evil? In squads you'll get blown up though, so refrain from that please.
Cons: cars are ugly
You give your position away.
Look, if you guys are starting a fight in the final circle it should be because one of you has a 100% sure kill to open up the fight. Going loud in the final circle is a good way to have everyone and their mums light you up. You want to play slow, use stealth, bide your time, and let the other squads kill each other. If your final circle can look like 4v2v2v1 with you guys as the four, you already have a great chance at that W just playing defensively in the circle.
If you guys are the ones out manned, a great thing I've been doing is using myself as a thing. Listen:
I'll pop up and get them to shoot at me, zig zag a bunch and get back down. I do this so that the other team goes loud and attracts the enemies while we stay nice and safe and watch the action through our binoculars, and then pick up the win.
Remember guys, Survival > Kills when you're going for the win. There's a million smart plays you can make, so talk amongst yourselves and try to come up with one. USE SMOKE.
That's all I can think of right now. I would love you guys to add to this so we can get a real discussion going, I've soaked up like all the pubg media I can and I'd love to read some dank tips or ideas myself, I'll try to reply to anyone who comments.
If you learned something, great.
If I made you laugh, awesome!
If you hated this and think I'm a stupid dumbass, feel free to roast! One time I tried telling people the bike had boost! What an idiot right?
Remember, pubg is an ugly, sweaty, stinky, hot mess of a game. Plans fall apart at first contact, just try to keep your head in it, and don't overextend. Good luck with your wins!
Some resources:
u/Goldensword made a loot efficiency map back in October. If you're out there, thanks dude. We need your greatness.
And here's the famous pubg map. Learn where some cars spawn, treat yourself.
Thanks for reading. I'll edit if I missed anything great or super important.
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2017.06.21 15:43 ryan_meets_wall Best way to pass a drug test?

Hey guys I don't know if I'm breaking any rules I'm not a usual subscriber but I just got offered a great job and the only thing between me and it is a drug test. The start date is July 11th. What's the best way to pass the test? Thank you, and again sorry if this a break in ediquette.
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2017.04.24 20:31 Hey_There_SmoothSkin Friends in relationships get notably upset when I hook up with their single friends. Am I crossing a line here?

This has happened around a half a dozen times. I go to a mutual friend's event, meet a girl who also happens to know them and take the girl on a date. I only do this if the mutual friend is in a relationahip with someone else so as not to step on any toes. Seems like 4/5 times the mutual friend is often peeved at me afterwards. Mutual friend could be a guy or a girl. I'm not treating any of these dates poorly.
Is it common ediquette to get the approval of your friends before hooking up with someone you meet through them? If so, why?
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2015.06.04 14:58 speaklouderpls /r/s6photography's First Photo Contest! (Summer Theme - Gold Reward!)

Hello s6 photographers! It's time to kick off our first ever photo contest.
Theme: Summer! - Post a picture IN THIS THREAD of what summer means to you, or of something that reminds you of summer.
Date: Now until July 8th @ 09:00am EDT!
Rules: All pictures must be yours. Pictures must be taken with your Galaxy S6! Photo editing is allowed as long as it was done solely within your Galaxy S6. Submit as many pictures as you'd like.
Ediquette: Please refrain from downvoting. If a post doesn't fit the theme, alert a mod.
Reward: The photo with the most upvotes on July 8th @ 9:00am EDT will be awarded gold! The user can also repost their picture as a link post and which will be given "Contest Winner" flair.
Note: If a picture submitted by a mod has the most upvotes, the reward will be given to the picture in 2nd place!
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2014.08.19 23:52 JTTatertot My ex [19 F] and I [19 M] had a weird, complicated break up. Need some advice. Short relationship but wanted it to last.

Bear with me if this is kind of long, please. But I just went through a recent breakup and need some advice from outside parties because my mind is definitely not straight right now.
I'm 19, a college student, and met my ex at school. We became friends, and I eventually was notified not by her but by friends that she liked me a lot. I wasn't sure I liked her back as she did to me, but I decided to give her a chance since I hadn't had a serious girlfriend in ages. Having a girlfriend sounded nice because, one, I hated my college and thought maybe a girlfriend would make my life a little bit better, and two, she did seem like a really nice, genuine girl that I could eventually learn to love after a while.
So instead of actually asking her out on dates or to be my girlfriend, we spent the remainder of spring quarter hanging out in her dorm. It eventually became much more serious as I began to go there more frequently, sleep over, and get intimate sometimes.
After the school year ended, I made it a priority to hang out with her since we lived slightly close to each other. I introduced her to some hometown friends and we began to hang out. Although I noticed a few flaws about this girl, I realized nobody is perfect and that I liked her a lot more than I previously did. Eventually I asked her to be my girlfriend and we began dating.
My life instantly got better. We hung out all the time, both decided to transfer to the local community college, finish out our two-year degree, and then transfer to a bigger state college (we both didn't like the current university we attended). And this was a decision we both made individually without each others' input, so it came as a surprise that we wanted to do the same thing.
Summer life consisted of us both working long hours, but still being able to spend enough time with other. I made a few mistakes with her, as she eventually discovered I was a virgin before we had sex, and I had told her I wasn't. I was unsure of where our relationship was headed, so I allowed myself to forget about that lie and never came forward about it. That was the first big mistake, as there is no excuse for lying, but I managed to save myself and achieved her forgiveness.
Life continued on normally. Everything was okay. Fast forward to about a month and and half into our relationship when she ends up going to this camp she volunteers at for high school students: a leadership camp that teaches morals and values about how to be a good leader. We both were sad that we wouldn't see each other for a week. I questioned her decision to volunteer at this camp, as did my friends, for the kids at our high school who were involved with leadership were mostly fake and lacked any form of humility what so ever, so we were quick to judge and denounce her involvement with it.
She came back and the first thing she tells me is that her and I see the world differently and that I don't practice any of these leadership values that they teach like respect, love, kindness, etc. There's a little bit more to it than that, but the gist of it is that she wanted to be a good leader, and from being away from that camp that she goes to every year for so long she began to slip and allow herself to not be who she wanted to be and that because she believed I wasn't a good enough person she wanted to end our relationship.
Naturally, but stupidly, I retaliated at her. I got upset and angry and was blinded by my emotions and lack of experienced. We fought, but eventually I tried my hardest to understand her point of view. I began to realize that I wasn't the best person that I could be, for I was constantly calling people names, being rude to my parents, and being overly judgmental. I eventually told her I would work on myself, and this solved the problem for only a short amount of time.
A week after her return, I ended up leaving on vacation to another state to see my extended family. I left thinking but not sure that our relationship was saved. After arriving there, we began texting and sure enough she was still feeling weird about us. I tried to best again to save what we had, but I was inconsistent. I eventually began telling her she was brainwashed by this camp, but also telling her I understood and wanted to change for her. I was confused, but I know she was too.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that right after being together for a month, she told me she loved me. I told her I wasn't sure I felt the same way, yet. She was okay with that. Well after our fight when she came back from camp, I realized I did love her now, and told her. Being ignorant, I thought that because we loved each other we couldn't break apart like we did.
Anyways, give it about a week while I'm on vacation, I thought we had solved the problem after our long conversations. But one night, she texted me saying she couldn't do it any longer. I, again retaliated, saying how she wasted my time, and how she did a shitty job handling the situation, and how ridiculous she was being for giving up so early. Give it until the next day I realize my mistake. I can't leave this breakup on this bad of a note, so I text her an apology saying how what I said was unacceptable and immature. And how I felt differently than she did in that I believed we had more in common than she thought and that we didn't view life differently as she thought we did. She and I got along so well and fit together so perfectly in my eyes that I didn't understand. I began to panic and start telling her that I wish I would have realized sooner that I needed to change. She began telling me sorry for hurting me and that she wishes the best for me because she knows I am a good person, and that for me the changes needed were on the surface, but for her they were deeper and couldn't be resolved so easily. She began saying how I need to discover how I need to change without her, and strive to be a better person because I want it, not in order to keep our relationship together. She said she wanted so badly to keep us together, but it wasn't right for either of us because she was too afraid to be uncomfortable and wants the absolute best for me, which isn't her. This brought me back to saying all the brainwashed accusations again and saying she wasn't being herself and that she was confused herself as to who she really was as a person. I began telling her that this camp shouldn't have to remind her to be a better person because if she was a good person, she wouldn't have to be constantly reminded. BIG MISTAKE AGAIN.
The rest of the fight here is kind of irrelevant. To sum it up, I tell her she's looking at everything wrong, and then begin to tell her that I'm sorry for what I said and that she was right and basically just coming up with tons of excuses for my actions and my life and my judgmental mindset. I'm just all over the place, panicking, trying to save this, yet I'm actually worsening the situation. All I can say is, I was confused as shit, and I knew she was too. She had a hard time communicating her feelings to me the entire time and kept reassuring me that I would eventually understand, despite my current confusion.
Then I realized I had a book she had given me to read while I was here on vacation. It was a leadership book. I was angry at her for the breakup that I wasn't going to read it, but then decided it would be best if I did so I could truly understand this whole leadership thing she about. It COMPLETELY changed my stance to the point of me trying to explain to my best friends what it actually was all about and to not denounce it any longer. What I took home most from the book was that leadership skills involve a step by step action plan to gain authority to not only benefit yourself but to help out others, and that intentions don't amount to anything without action. I had to text her to tell her that I wanted her to disregard everything I had been saying prior. I told her that I was naive and ignorant and was so uneducated about this whole leadership thing that I had no right to even try to refute her arguments. I eventually began to side with her and realize that my life was not how it should be. This opinion I still feel now. She told me she didn't know whether to cry out of happiness that I finally got it, or to cry out in sadness that she broke up with me. I began to tell her I wasn't just committing to change myself for her, but for myself, and to help others as well. I thank her for giving me the opportunity to discover this.
Then I make what I think is another mistake; asking her for another chance. She responds with saying that it has been on her mind and she needs time to think about it.
After a couple days, she gets back to me and says no. Her reasoning is that we both need to grow in different ways and that she wants to allow me to do that in my own way on my own time. I get confused all over again. I tell her that I finally realized change is a massive part of relationships and that I know she would be perfect by my side so we could work together on being better people and striving for happier lives. She says it wouldn't be right for either of us because she wants to allow me the freedom and ability to become who ever you want to be without her input or force. I convey to her my disagreement, no response.
That ends our communication. Now, there is a lot more to it than this. As complicated as this sounds, it was actually much more complicated. For example, sometimes she would say and do things that completely went against what she had been telling me the entire time. She called her friend a dumbass to me, but previously got mad at me because I called someone on the road stupid while I was driving. Many things she said also went against the leadership book completely, like the fact that she said she couldn't be with me because she wanted to change and fix thing about me, but the book clearly states that humans cannot change one another, but they can point out that changes need to be made, and the individual must commit and act on those changes by his or her self.
So now at this point, I haven't spoken to her for a few days. It has been extremely difficult. I've emotionally collected myself for the most part and began thinking some more. My current thoughts are as follows:
I still do not understand the breakup. Why she couldn't give us another change I do not know. How she could still come back to saying the same thing even after I told her I was prepared and committed to changing even without her in my life. I start to think she's just giving me bullshit excuses and there's actually another reason. I've already asked her if there was another guy, she said no. I begin realizing that she's been getting so worked up about me not being the right kind of person for her, yet we got along so well before she went to that camp. We we such similar people. And now it's as if all the blame is on me for who I am. I was going through some old messaged she and I had, and saw something about her saying "fuck you" to this one kid who had liked her at school that she didn't like back that my friends and I were inappropriately making fun of. So she had the same problems as me. This camp acted as her reminder to fix herself, and she acted as my reminder to fix myself. Yet she just decides to end it with me even though she was just like me in that we were judgmental and our actions were not properly aligning with our intentions. I feel like there was no reason we couldn't give it another shot.
Not to mention that she became best friends with my best friend during our dating period. At some points she would talk to him before talking to me about our problems, and that upset me. She claims we can't be together because we are so different, yet she can remain best friends with my best friend WHO IS JUST LIKE WHO I WAS, if not worse. He is super judgmental and points out flaws in everyone. How is it that someone like my best friend who was super similar to how we carried out ourselves can remain such good friends with her, but she flips out at me for how I'm acting. Is it not natural for us to befriend people who are similar to ourselves? If she befriended my friend so well, there's really no way that she and I could be so different like she claims we are if she was able to become best friends with someone who is very, very similar to myself.
So who can help me understand all of this, and what should I do from here. I still believe she made a huge mistake. I want her back. What steps should I take now. I'm still on vacation and don't return home for about 6 more days. This girl was truly amazing. Never have I felt so good about someone before and everything she did I loved, and now that I have a good grasp on this whole leadership thing, I wanted to badly for her and I to make this work. There are so many details I wish I could share about her and how she made me feel.
tl;dr: Ex and I had weird, confusing, complicated break up. Need help understanding and what to do. She thinks we see life differently and doesn't want to hurt me by staying with me because she thinks that I need to change and grow as a person without her.
Edit: If you read all of this, thank you. I apologize for any ediquette errors or formatting errors.
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2014.08.17 05:18 hellobrooklyn25 [Advice] Proper ediquette for a date?

Basically if they should be picked up, meet there, bring money for both people, etc.
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2014.07.21 22:00 gombly IT related, considering move to Tallinn.

I'm considering relocating to Tallinn from the states. I'd like to know what I should be prepared for and I'm looking for constructive feedback both positive and constructive. Please share your thoughts.
Here are my main reasons for thinking about this realistically: - I enjoy uprooting and going to new places to work or do business. - My fiancé is Estonian (Russian). - I have a strong self taught IT background including owning my own business and wonder if Estonian companies could use good leadership and technical expertise. - I have already lived in cold/rainy/dreery places before and prefer them to sunny places like So-Cal - Estonia has a booming tech unfussy on the rise and this may be the best time to come contribute and see it grow.
Thanks to everyone for the great replies. I now have some better understanding of where to go, what to do and what to research for a more informed decision. I'm in Tallinn for the next week and I'm looking forward to looking up a few companies and checking in with some locals. Thanks again all. BTW thanks for sending the Estonian ediquette book, it's great and I sadly, wish I had it when I started dating my girl. Would have saved me from a few dumb ass moments.
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2013.08.26 20:53 tabledresser [Table] IAmA flight attendant for one of the worlds top airlines. Just when I thought I had seen it all I saw more. AmAA.

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Electronics really don't mess with the plane, do they? I do not think electronics interfere with the aircraft however I also think it wont kill you to sit straight and pay attention for 10 minutes either. We just want you to be alert in case I need to get your ass out not tweeting "Omggg.. plane crash #yolo"
Link to I am so embarrassed telling someone to turn off their Kindle. The logic is if it has an on/off switch it must be off.
We just want you to be alert in case I need to get your ass out not tweeting "Omggg.. plane crash #yolo" If that is true, then why are passengers allowed to wear ear plugs and eye masks? That blocks out the outside world much more than using a blackberry. There must be more to it. We can only control so much, I can't shake all my passengers awake. I suspect it is a liability issue with aircraft manufacturers not certifying the instruments for use with electronics so it's easier to blanket ban all of them.
Great thread! I was on a flight from Spain to Dublin last year and for no reason at all, a really beautiful member of the cabin crew moved me from my perfectly fine aisle seat to the only free row of 3 seats. It earned me dagger looks from everyone else. Then she gave me a free cappuccino. I've always wondered why this happened? I had had trouble at check-in with the local Spanish people (said my carry on bag was too big, but it was unchanged from when I arrived) and it felt like good karma or something. Was this just a coincidence? You're probably the resident BoB (Babe on board)
This is the term for a delicious man who is on board, all crew will take the time to check him out and instantly make sexy eyes at him. Then we will attempt to get you to come and talk to us.
Or maybe she was just really nice. Who knows.
Have you developed a sense about who is going to be an obnoxious passenger just by looking at them board the plane? Won't eat anything on board because I am a hybrid raw vegan blah and didnt order anything but will complain about how difficult the crew are passenger.
As airline staff - you forget the Frequent fliers. The scum of the flying world. And i mean the first tier silver / whatever card holders - not the gold / platinum guys who are actually quite decent folk. "I am a silver member, can I get ___ from business class" No sorry sir we cannot give you another class product in economy "You're rude get me a complaint form!" Sigh.
1) How much sex, drugs, and boozing goes on between your coworkers? 1) I suspect as much as any other industry with young people who are away from real life in foreign countries with people they are forced to be around for hours on end. It gets tense. Not drugs at my airline. Boozing an insane amount. I drank more in this job than when I was a bartender.
2) What is the most scared you have been on a flight? 2) I can honestly say nothing has really scared me too much. A boring answer I know.
3) How much time do you get to explore around/party when you land? 3) 24-72 hours usually.
4) Have you ever thought that the pilot was drunk? 4) Never. I have thought the pilot was a wanker, a sexist, a pervert, a creep but never drunk,
5) What is the most disgusting thing a passenger has ever done? 5) Oh man. A passenger shit ON the toilet, not IN, ON. A passenger let her son shit IN the sink. A passenger left her kids dirty nappy in the seat pocket for us to find. A passenger vomited all over my exit door. A passenger handed back a warm towel after she wiped her sons ass with it to crew. A passenger pissed in a corner outside the toilet because we were landing and we told them to sit down and they couldn't use the lavatory. The list goes on.. People can be really disgusting.
Sooo uhhh. Who cleans it all then? You guys... Or the maintenance cleaners/workers once you guys land? Are those idiots ever charged? Not the crew, we have cleaners when we land but if it happens on board we have to sometimes. I had to clean vomit from the exit door because I was going to sit there for landing and it was in an area that people walked by. We have tools for it as well. Once we sprung a leak mid air from the toilet, it over flowed to the galley. Oh god it was so bad, we placed around a hundred blankets on the floor to contain it and cordoned off the galley. Worst day ever.
What would you do if you were sure the pilot had been drinking? Would you have any fear for negative repercussions to you if you were to call him out / stop the flight? Well I would immediately tell the Purser (in charge of the aircraft after the flight deck) and the next step would be at their discretion. It would be likely a 'surprise' alcohol test for all crew would be arranged by ground staff and civil aviation bodies. If nothing was done I can offload myself sighting my concerns however I am not entirely sure what I would do until it came down to decision time.
A flight attendant comped my beers did I miss a chance to hook up with her? Or is she nice to everyone Missed it. Big time.
Do people really have sex in the bathrooms? It seems physically impossible, given how small those stalls are. This seems to be the number one question I get asked and short answer is yes they do. I have personally caught two women in the stall which we almost reported however after apologizing profusely we just gave them a stern talking. A colleague of mine had to report a woman travelling from Manchester that had sex with TWO men in a tag team style affair in the aircraft (one watched the door and went in after the first man left) Passengers reported them and the men were arrested in transit to their next flight however we dont know what happened to the woman.
I have personally seen the way those toilets are cleaned, after a 16 hour sector aircraft arrives, 40 minute turnaround and back on another 10 hour journey. Having sex in the toilet is NASTY!
Is having sex in the bathrooms actually illegal? I didnt know you could get arrested for it. Indecent exposure perhaps? The country we flew to had strict laws.
When we had cabin crew stay at the hotel I worked at, they tended to party a lot and, apparently, have a lot of sex. Does your crew do the same thing? 1) Over entitled people who think flying on a plane makes them elite but really it's just a form of public transport stop treating the crew like shit. They bring morale down and upset people.
Do you guys just have sex with each other? I'm talking pilots with flight attendants, within your two groups. We don't 'just' have sex with each other but really we are in each others company so much relationships form like any other workplace. We sleep in the same hotel rooms and have trips where we are together for over a week. It's human nature.
I order gluten free where it is possible because I have Fructose Malabsorption. I usually end up on long flights (from Australia) and have to leave half of even those meals alone. I get the feeling that some of the specialty options are a little better; but how do you react to people bringing their own stuff? if someone asked nicely would you microwave something for them? I encourage everyone to bring their own food, I do as well when I am a passenger. We do not have a microwave on board (well in first class we do but its strictly for soup only) and most airlines wont have one. Our ovens are regulated to only heat the meals on board that are catered because of packaging. It might be difficult to get the crew convinced to place your food in some of their containers to put in the oven due to lack of resources or oven space/time. Fire risk is very real so any foreign objects are generally not allowed. A fire on board is basically a death sentence if not controlled so we are really really cautious. You might just need to eat colder foods for the trip but you know it really isn't that bad, make a cold pasta salad (GF!) or a chicken schnitzel salad cold will be fine. Even some sushi style wraps could work. In short don't worry bring your own food but you'll be hard pressed to find a way to heat it.
Have you ever had to tell someone they're too fat to fit into one seat? Yes, often. MOST of the time they ask me for an extension seat-belt and it's fine but other times it is just painful. I had a passenger who was issued a boarding pass to sit by one of the exit doors however you are not permitted to sit there if you require an extension seat-belt so I had to very awkwardly take him aside so as not to embarrass him and tell him a requirement of sitting there was mentioned. He was kind of pissed because check in issued him the seat he was tall etc but that is a rule. He avoided me all flight.
It's probably one of the most awkward parts of your job. Not helping that obesity is becoming a global issue. Definitely. And airline seats become smaller.
I had a flight two weeks ago, and my seat was next to a heavy guy who spilled over to my space, even when I scrunched my shoulders in and leaned away he was still touching me. Is there anything I could do ask of the flight crew if that happens again? You could politely approach us in the galley and very quietly and nicely say something like "Hey I am sorry to ask but I am in a really uncomfortable situation, the man next to me takes up a lot of my seat area and it's a bit uncomfortable for both of us. Is it possible to move if you have any free spaces, I understand if not" And we would be happy to assist. As usual if we can help more people be happy its less drama for us.
If I refuse to put my arm rest up because I don't want to be sitting up against a stranger for the next XX hours, how do you and your airline react to that. If I absolutely refuse, am I de-planed? Arm rests are always down for take off and landing on my airline? I can't see a reason for them to demand them 'up' If you refuse to comply with our instructions then yes we do deplane and it has happened several times.
What is the best and the worst destination for you? Would be great if you could tell us why. I have been to so many places I can never say best or worst because every city has something redeeming about it. The most beautiful city I have ever seen was St Petersburg, it is living history. I walked around for 12 hours until my feet couldn't walk anymore. I was stunned and speechless, when I think about it and write about it I smile.
Switzerland has incredible nature, Lucerne was beautiful.
Tokyo culture is like another planet. Osaka is breathtaking.
New York is so vibrant and never ending. I could explore that city and feel like I never scratched the surface.
Melbourne has such a unique charm, the people are so effortlessly lovely and the food is amazing.
I could go on!
I spent 5 days in St Petersburg and it still wasn't enough. Love that city. Oh I am so glad other people agree. It is so amazing.
I am going there next year after the trans Mongolian. Thanks for helping to motivate me! I want to do the trans siberian so so much! I am so jealous. You should write a blog about it.
Why do I always have to sit next to the fat guy? I always sit next to the chatty guy. Some things in life are just decided for us.
What makes a "good passenger" in your mind. Any tips on how I can avoid irritating flight attendants/make their jobs less difficult? A good passenger is one that is polite, follows my instruction, smiles and assists me. I mean the type of person who will take the food tray for me if I have to lean far and look me in the eye while thanking me or ordering. Common sense. Irritating is when you expect us to go beyond what we can fix such as when we have no chicken left and you insist on that meal choice. I really cannot help you, I didn't decide to run out or how to cater the flight. Bring your own supplies if you have special medical needs, I have had so many requests for medicines we don't have on board. I understand you forget things but please be thoughtful when packing for a flight.
If you are travelling with children please bring nappies and if you know your child is fussy bring things they require. I have only ever had one parents bring their own milk for me to heat up, we have milk on board but not enough for 9+ infants. You cannot rely on crew for everything we simply don't have resources.
If I forget something I am sorry, don't act like we ran out of jet fuel please just ask again I will usually look at you and remember I forgot whatever you asked for and apologise.
Heh, TIL I am a good passenger. It weirds me out to be served to the degree that flight attendants serve their passengers, I guess. It's like being in a hotel and a bellhop grabs my 1kg small bag of clothes, and it's always "No, no! I am fine, thank you." I agree, sometimes it is overkill. Like really would you press a bell from your table at dinner for coffee when you can see your waitress not even a metre away. To compare I have had passengers leave their bag in the AISLE and sit down look at me like "well aren't you going to stow that?" WTF.
But you mean parents travel with their kids and not bring their own nappies/baby formula/whatever? I'd think most parents would be leery of accepting untested milk from an airline... I think people should be aware milk is loaded from the place we take off from for international long haul flights so you could be using milk from Tanzania/China/Russia/America and are happy with that. However I think it really won't do any harm.
Whats average pay for a flight attendant? I get payed approx 38,000US dollars. It is variable but my company pays some of the highest wages. Allowances in layovers are payed on average meal prices for time in destination. We make small commission on duty free (really small) and receive pay rises in grades. I am payed a base salary and the rest is made up with flying hourly pay.
For contrast, I was offered a job with United about 2 years ago. The pay was $18 and change per hour, but I would only have been guaranteed about 20 hours per month. I'd have spent a lot of time "on standby" (effectively on call), but no base salary. American airline salary and working conditions are beyond reprehensible. The employees are saints for what they endure.
Have you ever bumped somebody up to first class even though they hadn't paid for it? Well yes (kind of)
We had two honeymoon couples travelling from Osaka and they were in economy. They had two cakes special order catered for them so with the help of my colleagues we set up the first class seats (empty cabin) and make two side by side dining tables, placed the cake and champagne on the tables and made some origami for them. We had them come to first class and spend an hour or so there eating and sharing memories then we had to get them to go back to economy because officially we cannot do that. We made some beautiful moments for them.
How do you deal with drunk passengers? Any good stories there? So often.
Singapore flight a man was drinking and one of the crew thought it would be a good idea to make 'shots' anyway short story he vomited all over the floor in front of him not missing the cabin managers shoes and pants then decided to vomit in the bathroom got out looked at the crew and said "Think it's time for a Heineken" Cabin Manager had a great sense of humor so laughed it off but safe to say he didn't get any more drinks.
Drunk first class passenger travelling with his escort/mistress/something? decided to join the passengers in business class for a drink and started making out with a business class passenger in the bar area. Fights broke out and we had to separate the 'couple' for the remainder of the flight.
I cant even tell you how many people have vomited in the sink rendering the whole lav out of service. The toilet is right there!
Drunk woman shouting and dancing in the aisles on a flight to Phuket.
The two women I caught joining the mile high club were most definitely drinking but we had cut them off a while before that!
Airplanes have bars on board? Why the hell am I only finding this out now? I've only ever seen that little push cart... > A lot of airlines now have 'social areas' on the larger aircrafts.
What does it take for you to cut off someone who had too much to drink? If a person remains in control and polite, will you let him continually drink beers on a long haul flight? I like to use flights to Germany or Russia as examples. Can a man have 6 beers and still be fine to drink? Yes, some can. It is always up to the individual. We use the 4 D's.
Company culture is great in the sense we all communicate and say "Hey 20C has had a lot of beer, do you think he is starting to get a bit drunk?" And we asses from then on.
I always wondered this. Do Flight Attendents need Passports or get Special Passports when traveling to another country? How does this work for you guys? We have a passport and can travel freely to most countries under a crew list which is treated like a 'passport' for the crew to most countries. Some places require more complex visa regulations (USA, Australia to name a few) and those are issued in our passports as a hard copy.
After the flight what does the crew do? do you guys get ready for another flight or do you guys rest? or party? Depends on the destination. Some crew go home to family but often we meet up for touring/sightseeing/dinnedrinks. The most wild is always Bangkok and Singapore for some reason. It gets out of control.
If I bring the flight attendants/captains candy and magazines, can you hook me up with free drinks? All the drinks on my airline are free of charge, people bring candy often and we remember! You will get first choice of meal and usually a blanket or something extra if I am on board.
For the record, I meant drinks as in alcohol. As did I, the alcohol is in the ticket price (awesome I know)
Also, how many flight attendants have families? I'd imagine it's hard to maintain one. Many crew have families. They come from all walks of life but I believe it is very hard for many of them because the hours are irregular and they miss important events and need to hire someone to help with school age children because of the demands.
How would we offer you candy? I can't imagine any way that wouldn't come off weird or creepy... Just come to the back before take off/after service and say "Hey I got the crew some chocolate, I know it's a tough job and I appreciate it, have a nice day!" Don't linger and make it simple. We will usually make it 'not awkward'
What chocolate is best chocolate? I ask because I was somehow given a first class ticket on a long flight, and I imagine I won't actually need anything from you guys (really, I'm going to fish for an upgrade?). Anyway, my point is I don't want to look like I 'want' something, and now is my chance! What candy/chocolate do you guys like best? I mean, this ticket was free, so I'm saving a butt ton of money, and I'd like to spend a portion on making y'all happy. Thoughts? Oooh I think it is subjective but you cannot go wrong with something like a mix of chocolate types in a box, something for everyone. If you have something that is relevant to where you are travelling from like a famous shop getting something from there and explaining the significance to the crew is extra nice. For example every Adelaide flight someone buys Haighs chocolate because it is quite famous for it. I like that kind of stuff, we will appreciate whatever you bring and you are so lovely to do that.
Georgetown Cupcakes Ok I just googled this and whoah, so yummy! If they fit in the X-Ray then yep good to go!
1.How long have you been a flight attendant for and what makes you continue doing it? 1) I have been flying for over two years.
Do you have down time/a few days to explore the different countries you fly to? 2) Layovers last from 24-72 hours. I have gone on several holidays on my days off and annual leave to places I wanted to see more of.
Do you get discounted international and domestic flights? 3) My tickets are 90% off the base price.
I have two children, 1 and 3, usually well behaved. I am very apprehensive about flying with them. My wife has never flown. What is propper ediquett when my child burst into screams? What have you seen work? Any advice for keeping them occupied o a 10 hour flight? Hey.
Don't be scared to fly with the kids just be well prepared. Give them something to munch on for take off and landing so ears don't hurt like milk bottle or something they like. Bring comfort items for them like favorite toy or game. Bring a small plastic bag to store all your rubbish throughout the flight (lifesaver!) and just hand it to the crew at the end (no nappies) You will have so much more space. Bring baby wipes to have on hand. Take turns with your wife in eating because it might be more comfortable. Other than that crew will be happy to play with them here and there if you bring them for a walk when they wake up. Well I know I would be, I love the little ones.
Scariest in-flight experience? Are there really armed Air Marshalls on board some flights? Yes we have Air Marshall's but we do not know if they are on board or who they are. They travel in all cabins and a friend of mine dated one. He never told her where he went country wise but he did say the job was exhausting.
This is gonna sound stupid, but what exactly are differences between First, Business, and Economy Class? Aside from ticket prices and the fountain full of Grey Poupon in First. First class is like your own private jet, you dine when you want you drink what you want the food is restaurant style (steak/lobstecaviar) the alcohol is exclusive (cellar wine/french champagne/cognac) and you have a flatbed with mattress. The TV is big the amenities are spa quality and the airport experience will likely include priority check in lounge access security screening and boarding at your leisure.
Business class is like going to a retreat. Great food but still within a pre set menu style such as breakfast dinner lunch and you order within a time frame. Snacks always available. Hot and cold choices like breakfast muesli or full hot. Flat beds with mattress. All alcohol is top shelf. Usually a social area to stretch your legs and break up the flight. Big TV and luxury amenities. Smaller seat than first class.
Economy is a seat with meals at specific time, you get one of two choices for the big meals and sometimes one choice for breakfast or short flights. Snacks served at specific times. Alcohol is free but few choices so one white wine and one red, a few different beers, one vodka, two scotch, one bourbon etc quite basic. Standard TV. Limited recline.
Hope that makes sense.
Have you ever gotten romantically involved with someone you met on a flight (ie a passenger)? Does it ever really happen? Yes, I have. It happens but unless it's a perfect circumstance it doesn't work out. He lived 6 hour flight away and it wasn't possible. I get a lot of business cards but too busy to do much about it. My friend here met a guy on a tour he lives a 5 hour flight away and they are madly in love she flies to him often and it is lovely so it can work sometimes. My other friend got involved with a passenger and they dated for 6 or so months so yes its totally possible.
How do you have enough time to form the kind of connection it would take to follow up with someone? How did that start? Well some flights are over 8 hours long and after the service people sleep so sometimes we have like 2-3 hours of non work time.
What's the worst problem that's happened to the plane while you were on board that the passengers didn't have a clue about? A piece of the aircraft fell off mid flight, on landing the engineer came and handed us the hinge to the piece. It was a engineering error (they forgot to close something) It was not on the minimum equipment list so we flew back to base. It was my first flight. It was a really weird moment for me.
minimum equipment list. I have heard that airplanes these day never fly with everything working 100%. Lot of times a backup system/setup/configuration/workaround would be used to correct the immediate issue for the time being and the actual issue may not be fixed until the next major service interval. Do you know if this really is the case? Often we have defects. Very often. It is usually fixed as soon as it gets back to engineering base or by outstation engineers but sometimes the parts and time make it not possible. So yes they fly with some things inoperable until they can be repaired.
How MUCH of an aircraft can be inoperable and it still make it safely to its destination? All aircrafts have a minimum equipment list (MEL) that tells the flight deck and engineers what it can safely take off without and what precautions are in place if it does. I have two examples; In one scenario the aircraft had two air conditioning systems and one failed, the one responsible for the cargo hold and partially the cockpit. The flight was under an hour so the captain elected to fly without them, we opened the MEL and it was safe to fly but they need to flick some switch (pardon my poor memory) in order to fly. The requested temp for the cargo was approx 7 degreesc and the actual was like 20 or something.
Most dilapidated one you've served on? Another incident was when ALL call bells and reading lights failed, we contacted the flight deck and they checked the MEL, it was deemed safe to fly IF the disabled toilet emergency call bell worked, it did so we did not divert. The crazy cabin manager made us inform every awake passenger that the call bells didn't work and for us to pace up and down the cabin consistently for hours. I felt like I was in a M. C. Escher drawing.
My sister is a flight attendant and HATES it. I fly a lot and from her stories I'm always super self conscious that I'm just pissing off the whole crew. What can I do to be a good passenger? Do food bribes work? Haha I am sure she just vents to you. Honestly I don't get pissed off by much but crew HATE when people who are inches from the galley or in the aisle seat press the call bell for trivial shit. Some flights the call bell goes off for hours non stop and you can just hear them digging into your soul and others no one dares to press it. Just be considerate, would you stand in a restaurant flagging the waiter down every three minutes for one single napkin, one single cup, one pain killer, one water, one orange juice? Food bribes totally work for me. I like when passengers bring cool local stuff that they know like green tea kit kats in japan or these chocolate wafers in Athens.
Tim Tams, i'm so bringing a couple of packets of Tim Tams next time I fly international. Make sure to teach them the Tim-Tam slam.
I was flying too Turkey once, and I was sitting in a standard seat, with standard leg room - if there is such a thing as standard. But the steward asked if I wanted too sit in a seat with more leg-room (at the em-exit), as there wasn't anybody seated there. I thanked him and moved. Should be said I'm a tall guy. But is this something that is common, in your experience? Yes definitely, some of the nicer crew will go out of their way to ensure your comfort during the flight because honestly if you are happy you wont annoy anyone including the crew. I move mothers with infants to three seat rows so the babies can sleep over two seats. They are overjoyed and no crying baby no problems.
I use an electronic cigarette. Some airlines (or crews, I'm not entirely sure who makes the call on it) don't mind when passengers use them. Some do not allow it. I always ask the flight attendant if I can use it on a flight... Policy aside, what is your personal opinion of passengers using them on flights? Policy aside I prefer passengers not to use them because monkey see monkey do. One passenger might think it is free game and they can now smoke or other passengers might be offended and scared if they think its smoke/nicotine etc. I am aware it is not but it is just easier this way for the crew.
So on every flight I ask for the can of soda instead of just the plastic cup. I get the can every time. What are your thoughts on this as a flight attendant? We have mini cans so I always give the can. I would welcome passengers to ask for more if they know they are just going to want more later. No issue at all.
I just walk back there and ask for as many cans of soda as I want (politely, of course)...Is that rude? Not at all!
What's the weirdest thing that has ever happen to you during a flight? Also, if they let you listen to music, what do you like to listen to? I'll have to return to this one... I can't think of weird. I am always shocked when someone recognizes me from X flight one year ago. I feel bad because often I have no idea who they are. No music allowed on board sadly but I listen to all music really. I listen to music on the way to work always and on the drives from airport to hotel in outstation. Moscow has such horrendous traffic the crew drive 1.5 to 2.5 hours to the hotel!! I need music after a flight to chill out from all the madness.
How are work shifts scheduled? Do you work a certain number of days in a row, before having an extended period off (like police officers, or EMS, for instance)? How are routes assigned? Do you have much input into your assignments? EDIT: I punctuate, not so, good. We have legalities such as amount of rest in between flights, amount of days off in 7 days, minimum consecutive days off in 14 days, minimum leave per 6 months. But generally my monthly roster is a mixed bag of 110 or so flying hours. Routes are assigned at random by an automatic system, I have input when I 'bid' for flights and that is largely by seniority. So sometimes it works out I get what I bidded for in a month and other times I get nothing but crappy flights. A mix!
So, if I understand correctly, routes are assigned first, then you have the chance to bid on particular flights. Does this mean you have to submit a bid for a full series of flights that will roughly add up to 110 hours for the month? We have set routes yes and we bid for destinations, days off, flights on dates etc.
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2012.10.02 23:29 bluecheesecakes Need advice about rent, friendship between my boyfriend and his friend

I feel really caught in the middle here, and am hoping you guys can help me to understand guy ediquette and what's fair.
Basically my Bf has been working on remodeling an apartment and promised it to his friend, who just moved out of his place due to rent going from 1200 a month to 1600 a month. A couple weeks before the move out date, he realized he would not get it done in time and warned his friend, and offered our extra bedroom while it gets done for 420/mo. The cost of storage of his extra stuff (180/mo) is subtracted from rent so he doesn't have to pay for that.
His friend tried to convince us he shouldn't pay rent at our place while the apt gets done by not replying when my Bf tried to talk about it after he had moved in. It's true that my old stuff is in there, including clothes in the dressers. On the other hand, minus storage the rent here is 420, when it would normally be at least 800 for a room. He has just payed me partial rent with promise of more to come. He makes a six figure salary so it's a little baffling.
My Bf wanted to give him a deal next door since they are friends and his buddy is quiet clean. The rent at the apt should be 1700 or 1800 and he is asking 1200. So my Bf has been working every day scrambling to finish it after his full work day and his friend never helps. He doesn't like manual labor. I don't think he should be obligated to help, but he could once and a while since he is going to get a good price and they are friends. My Bf is getting fed up with his buddy not helping at all, and says he plans to tell him the apt rent is now normal price, 1700. Since the very reason his friend moved to begin with is to avoid paying that price, and he has been living here without all his stuff, this strikes me as a bit unfair. To make things worse, I really want to work at his friends company. It is hard getting a full time position in my field and his company has my dream job. I asked him to talk to his friends at work and ask what they look for in a portfolio, and have gotten some good information. So I've been hurrying to put together a portfolio for the position before these guys get in a fight about rent. What is fair here?
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Dating Etiquette for the Modern Age: Dating Do's & Don'ts ~ Subscribe to our channel at: where we dish out sex... Etiquette coach William Hanson returns to ITV's Let's Do Lunch to teach chef Gino D'Acampo good dating decorum. 10 Dating tips for girls and guys. Subscribe: -----... The dating advice for men that I provide in this video, will make attracting and dating women so much easier for you from now on. You will realize that you c... If you have a boyfriend, is it ok to let other guys buy you drinks at a bar? What would you do if your college age son wants to bring his girlfriend home for Christmas break? Find out what Wendy ... CORRESPONDING BLOG POST: DATING TIPS FOR MEN Video: A lady always wants to make a good impre... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Dating Etiquette YouTube Mix Play all Mix - Lolzman87 YouTube Boneheads - Death, Tales, and Tragedies (comic dub) - Duration: 1:30.